Mexican Paper Flower Tutorial

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So, if you don’t know me well, I’ll tell you something about myself…I love Mexico! I love the heat, beaches, culture, colors….so many beautiful colors!! Last week my friend Alli turned 30, and we threw her a surprise party….and we wanted bright colorful decorations for her party, and since she loves Mexico too, these flowers were perfect for her party!!! So, here is a tutorial on how to make these beautiful paper flowers! Hope you like them! You need 3 … Read More

A Crafty Sample…

So, I’ve got this friend. She’s very demanding. I grew up with her. And even though we sorta fell outta touch for the last… like… 16 years or so, and she lives…like… 18 hrs away, she feels she can demand things from me. Like entertaining blog posts. I know, right? *eye roll* Demanding. In her words, she’s “expecting big things from (my) blog this fall!”. Also, she’s insisting on seeing my talent on here too. I mean really, all you … Read More

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