An 18 Hr Drive… More or Less

I’ve been home for a few days now, but haven’t been all that inspired to talk to you all. This might be because I feel like I should talk about my trip, yet I’ve been unsuccessful in summing it up in words. I wasn’t sure why this was until, this morning, when one of my favorite bloggers made the comparison of sharing vacation stories to telling someone about a dream you had… “fun for you, boring for everyone else.” Upon … Read More

Hitting the Road… like Jack?

Today, in a few hourse, the kids and I are dumping ourselves into my MIL’s car and going on a road trip. My BIL is getting married this weekend, and instead of taking the easy way out and hopping on a plane, like our husbands, Dar and I are driving to our neighbor province. Yup, we’re driving to Alberta. Do you know what that means?   Yup… it means my hand out the window, but more importantly it means hours, … Read More