18 yrs……

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Today is my husband (we aren’t officially married ) and I’s 18th anniversary . Clay and I have been together since high school…..a rare thing nowadays ….high school sweethearts. Life together has mostly been great, we’ve had hard times, but really who hasn’t. After all these years we still love each, and want to raise our 3 amazing kids together….life is good!!! So, all I really have to say is “Happy Anniversary Clay, I love you….wow 18 yrs times fly” … Read More

Random Love:

At least once a month I come across the movie Far and Away on TV. I am never able to not watch it. Now, I would never call it my favorite movie, but there is just something about Nicole Kidman (back when her face moved) and Tom Cruise (before the crazy, with his front teeth in the side of this mouth)  in period clothes, spoutin’ Irish accents, that is the right formula to = irresistible to me. Well anyways, this … Read More


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One for you and you and you…       Dear Ethan, Stop hiding the TV remote before you go to school. Contrary to popular belief, Mom does not need help curbing her TV “habit”. NOW GIVE ME THE REMOTE!!! MAMA’S MISSING HER STORIES!!!     Dear Book, I wish you would end. Why are you so boring? Do you know where the remote is?   Dear Chris, You are the rain in my rainbow. (Don’t look at me like … Read More