Oh…. Hi!

In our super busy schedule of drinking tea and eating soft cheese, we did another photo shoot with the lovely Lime Soda Photography!  There were two different themes. You only get one today. Please feel free to add your own captions.  I started doing it, but then also started hating everything :)  Like why is Lissy holding a basketball? And in such a location? Get creative! Maybe if someone sends in some that make us physically LOL, they can get … Read More

Lime Soda Photography Business Cards!

We’ve got this awesome friend, (we’ve mentioned her before,) Carla of Lime Soda Photography. She is ridiculously talented and we love her lots. We think she loves us too, cuz she does really great things for us. Recently, she’s made us some super amazing business cards! So obvs we’re going to give her props…     Carla, you’re the best! ♥M    &          L♥

Yesterday was the day we had a photo shoot….

HiSo as per the title of this blog, we had a photo shoot yesterday with the lovely and talented Carla Duffy of Lime Soda Photography!  It was ever so much fun! There was crinoline and tutus and hats and animal prints and fake mustaches!  Lissy looked awesome like a punky circus girl and I, well, I looked like a leopard print banana slug :) Carla is amazing btw.  She has no problems getting dirty to get a shot she wants! … Read More