Halloween is for Grown Ups too

As I mentioned earlier Kim and I went out on Friday and I wasn’t really feeling it, but I sucked it up and we had a good time. For months we’ve been discussing our Sugar Skull/ Day of the Dead costumes, so it was slightly surprising to find that when it was time to do it, we were both slightly hesitant. We both felt we needed to watch a Youtube tutorial before diving in, so we did, and then we … Read More

And Let Halloween Be Over … I Mean… Begin.

Are you excited for Halloween? I’m not. As usual, I got excited for a holiday too early and by the time the actual day has rolled around, I’m over it. Yeah, I’m over it. But me being me, I’ll suck it up and do what has to be done. Like tonight, there is a dance that Kim and I are going to. We’ve being planning our costumes for it for, I don’t know, months? I don’t feel like going, and … Read More

Who/What are you going to be??

Halloween is upon us once again, so…..Who/What are you going to be?? Every year I am normally getting 4-5 costumes together, 3 kids, me and sometimes Clay….so I generally start preparing in September…..the kids and I decided pretty early what we wanted to be, so I’ve had a lot of time to get everything organized, but when I came home from my trip to Victoria, my son says that he has changed his mind about what he wants to be….thanks … Read More

The Best Part about Halloween is…

I don’t really need to say it, do I? So, Kim and I went shopping on Friday. The goal, halloween costume odds ‘n’ sods for us and groceries for me. Now, the store where I buy my groceries from always gives you something free if you spend over $250 (one time, we got a DVD player, that was probably the best thing we’ve ever received). These things tend to be seasonal, in the summer, there are boxes of fruit, around … Read More