Donut Holes!

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So, I did it! I made donut holes! Yeah, I did. And you know what? They were glorious! I’ve decided that I’m going to be the new Mrs. Alice Horton (aka Gran) of my world! Don’t you know Gran? Don’t lie to me, I know you know. Day’s of Our Lives people! Gran always had a plate of fresh cooked donuts on her kitchen table, even when she was sick…even when she had oxygen tubes taped to her face… even … Read More

Social Media for Beginners Workshop and Dinner

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What’s that?Well, that’s the workshop Kim and I are teaching at our local Community Center this weekend. It’s free and for anyone that wonders what exactly it’s all about, or isn’t sure how to work things like facebook. So basically for ppl my mom’s age and older, I think. I mean, you don’t hear too many ppl 35 and under wonder what it’s for or how it works, they live there already, it’s their home. Kim and I are a … Read More

Framed Cooks: Molasses Cookies

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It’s baking day again, and man, I really wasn’t feeling it. Actually, I wasn’t really feeling anything but movies and jammies today, so the idea of having to bake, do laundry and make school lunches for tomorrow… forget it. No way. I felt like skipping Sunday Chores and just knitting. So that’s what I did, for the first half of the day. I watched kid movies with the Smidgens, knitted, and just let the rest go. Then, when the movie … Read More

LazyLady Snack Cake

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I’ve said it before and it’s something you all know about… Lissy = Lazy So, does it surprise you that one of my favorite recipes is super duper easy, really really quick and contains a smidgen of sugar? No, me neither. Here’s the deal, this cake can be whipped together in less than 5 minutes, not including baking time, obviously. It can also be just about anything you want it to be. I’ve made five different flavors of this cake, … Read More


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I have this wonderful friend…..her name is Jessica Brooks, not only is she smart and beautiful, she is amazingly talented, she has her own baking company and a singing career. She lives in Toronto, so I don’t get to see her much anymore, but it’s always like no time lost when I do see her, which I love, we always have a good time together, whether we are having a few drinks or a cup of coffee. Whenever she is … Read More

Chocolate and Me

Ok, so I’ve had some complaints. Or, not really complaints, so much as whining… “I miss your blogging.” “:(” “Where are you?” “I miss your humour.” Well…  seriously, of course you miss me, it’s all part of my master plan, my “Make Them Love and Adore Me Forever” plan. What’s that old saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or some such sh*t. It’s true.  Missing me = Loving me. Ermm…. Ok, so the actual truth. I’ve been in a … Read More

Cherpumple: Have You Made One?

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Ok, so in my morning internet routine, I came across this video. I’m sure a lot of you people that peruse craft blogs have already experienced this awesomeness, but it was the first time I’ve seen it. Charles Phoenix just made my morning. He does this wobbly dance at around the 10 second mark, that I may have done myself once or twice. And his voice kills me. I’d like him to answer my phone for me.   “So Good…” … Read More

Guilt-free Icecream!!!!

Did you know (#1) that I LOVE DQ’s Reeses Pieces Blizzards? Kim and I have been known to pop in for a quick Blizzard snack while shopping in Campbell River (since we don’t have one on Quadra) now and again. Ok, we get onion rings too. We share though, so that there is no overindulgence, since Kim cares about such things. It goes like this: “We’d like one Reese’s Pieces Blizzard and one onion rings, please.” I order without making … Read More

A book……

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If you are like me and you are interested in the food we eat and feed our kids, where it comes from and how it has changed over time…our so called “western diet”,  then I have a great book to recommend. It’s called In The Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan. So, if you have some extra time on your hands, give this book a try…..and let me know what you think!

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