a copy cat aka: a day at the colour factory

“Imitation is a form of flattery,” that’s what my mom has told me my entire life. I don’t think she believes it, entirely, I think it’s just one of those things you’re supposed to teach your kids, and so she tried, and continues to try. She’s a good Mom. But anyways, I did it, I copied Sarah. Kind of. My hair is pink, so I didn’t so much steal her colour idea, since she went lilac and I did not, … Read More

if you are, i am too

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It’s happening, that thing that happens with friends, where one does something and then others starts considering it. I don’t think it’s copying exactly… no, it’s totally copying. On Monday, a few of us are going to see my brother and sister(in-law) to get our hairs attended to. First off, I booked 3 trims, then one friend says, “maybe I want colour…? I want to be so white blonde I’m grey”. Alright. But then she says, “Nope, I want lilac. … Read More

what i wore

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Often, I see these blog posts on the blogs I follow, you’ve seen the kind too: “What I Wore!” “Today’s Style!” “My Closet is My BFF!” “I Look Really Pretty Today!” and I think to myself, “That looks easy enough, I’m pretty and my closet is my longest, if not my best, friend, I could totally do that for a blog post!” Then I remember that: more days than not, I go straight to work from the gym… without showering … Read More


It’s coming.I’m flipping between dreading it and willing it to come. The store get pretty quiet in the fall, in comparison to the summer, but the clothes are awesome.In the next few weeks the fall clothes will be rolling out.Layering things. Skirts, scarves, tights, jackets. In the mean time, leggings are our transition pieces and we’re pretty stoked on them.

Things That Did & Didn’t Happen Last Week

Did:A fold-over Redux B!tch Bag was made in a light army green canvas: Didn’t: Finish Taxes… :( Did: Lissy’s brother from The Colour Factory ombre’d her hair. Didn’t: Blog :( Did:  A baby sister Redux B!tch Bag was made for the fold-over. They don’t like each other very much.   Didn’t: Take out the garbage :( Did: Win at Winners.   Didn’t: Pay our Hydro on time. Just realized now. Dammit. Did: Eat at a ghetto Chinese food take out diner. … Read More

90’s trends….

I keep noticing myself saying, “oh, I like that” and then I think….wait, I’ve worn that before, but when?…..oh right, in the 90’s. I always thought that I wouldn’t repeat trends that I’ve already lived through and have worn, but there are 2 that I’ve noticed that I seem to be on the look for …….the perfect plaid shirt and Doc Martens.   Red seems to be a theme…..hmm I think something with red in it! So, these are the … Read More

Window shopping Wednesday!!!

Well, it’s a new season again and every time you walk into a store it’s, NEW NEW NEW …..makes me drool….This is probably my favorite season to shop, spring/summer. Tees, Tanks, Shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, swinsuits…..Oooo the fun!!! So, here a few things I’m after and love……  red & black toms     I always need more…..  Roxy This can be worn 3 different ways! love these Next time I’m in Victoria, it’s mine!! American Eagle Everyone needs a basic black … Read More