Love Day, Schmuv Day……

I know it’s a little late to be discussing Valentines Day but that’s sort of my style when it comes to the day itself. I think everyday should be love day. I would rather be spoiled on some random day then a day that Hallmark pressures my man to do it for me. For this reason, it is not much celebrated in our household. I’m sure my man feels blessed to have gotten off the hook for so many years.This … Read More

The Things We Do for Kids (Backfire!)

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So I think we all agree that having kids make us fat right? How else would we be able to grow a full on human in our own body. We have to expand, we have no choice. “I didn’t know I was pregnant “ on TLC tells stories that say different, but face it, that is just freaky sh*t. Those poor women, could you imagine…? Anyway that’s not what I’m getting at here…. I run after my children constantly, pick … Read More

Town Day

Definition: Long. Tiring. Expensive. And usually ends with a bad Fast Food meal choice, restless kids you have bribed with too much sugar and a lot of garbage in your car. See, there are pros and cons of living on a little island and having to go to town to shop is way up at the top of the cons list. Its always a last minute decision for me, based on amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, how … Read More

An Introduction to Lissy and Kim, by Alli

Alright, so I decided, for my first post, I would let you all know a little about my friends, Kim an Lissy. Like how we know each other and just tell you a little about them, you know, since they asked me some revealing questions about my snot and such. Which, by the way, I would like to clear up that I do not roll and flick at any house but my own so don’t stop having me over :)Then … Read More

Special Guest Star: Alli!

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Do you remember when Heather Locklear was the special guest star on Melrose Place for, like, 4 years? Ummm… me neither… *cough*…. (Actually, my mom and I always wondered if she got paid more because of that.) Anyways, Kim and I, we have our own Special Guest Star: Alli. Alli has decided to join us, now and again, while on an extended hiatus from her own blog. I think maybe she’s learned that Kim and I are way more fun … Read More