Princess Lissy

I may have inherited the royalty gene from my dad. Maybe. Not an actual royal gene though, just the gene that gives the general sense of entitlement and expectation that every one else should serve me. Because of this, my life is very challenging. For example, even though someone should come to clean my house… I must do it myself. Do you see what I mean? Also, I have to drive my own ass around! Which, I might add, not … Read More


So, the wedding. What do I say about the wedding? It was beautiful, that’s a given considering the location and all the pretty people But that’s not the memory that will forever be branded into my mind when someone mentions our friends wedding. That memory will be of one of my table mates, the one that puked an entire bottle of red wine onto my table during the speeches. This was unfortunately equally as funny and gross as it was … Read More


Today, I get to go to my son’s class and listen to a bunch of 10 year old recite their own poetry. Are you jealous? Of course you are. What sane person wouldn’t be fighting tooth and nail for the chance to hear how deeply someone feels about PB&J,  skateboarding, or Hannah Montana? I’d cut a bitch to go, if I wasn’t already invited that is. Have a glorious weekend, All. I’ll be at a Wedding. Chris is part of … Read More


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            Happy Summer Solstice!!!! How are you spending this not so sunny summer solstice ?? My husband and I were just asking ourselves that same question….what are we going to do today? It’s not hot enough to lay on the beach……and we both have the day off to day so we wanted to do something…..other then cleaning the house :( So, we have decided to go and do firewood….yes firewood, I know it’s summer, but you always have to stock … Read More

Today I…

* Got a sunburn on one side of my body * Ate cake for breakfast and lunch… and dinner * Called 11 inanimate objects stupid, bitch or asshole *Fed my kids toast with cheese wiz for dinner * Was proclaimed the best mom that was ever ever ever born (thanks to the CW toast) * Watched 15 minutes of aerobics on TV and decided that was enough exercise for the day What did you do? Photo Source

Poductivity, Kim and Lissy Style

Kim and I were extremely productive today. Yesterday we made plans, for today, to start something fun we have in the works for you followers (*cough* notice I said followers, not readers? That wasn’t a slip, if you want to partake in the awesome fun-ness we are planning, you’ll need to be a follower). I even went to pick up the carless Kim and help her clean her house so we could get started early (by “help” I mean watch… … Read More

Today I…

… woke after a dream that I delivered my own baby girl on the living room floor of a friends house. I hadn’t been pregnant before she decided to come out. (Have I mentioned that I don’t want more kids? This was a borderline nightmare.) … had to threaten my children with death unless they brushed their teeth. They laughed at me. … wish I had this colour nailpolish. … did not sneak candy while getting the kids ready for … Read More

Weekend at Mt. Washington

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Before Clayton & I had kids our biggest love (besides each other) was snowboarding. We used to spend our winters snowboarding as much as humanly possible. I even snowboarded while pregnant with my first two kids. Well, times have changed and we don’t get up even a quarter as much as we would like….and having kids makes things more difficult and expensive. But this weekend our whole family were invited to spend the weekend with our friends, Andrea & Bob, … Read More


I’ve been running a day ahead for the last 3 days. It’s made the week seem really slow. However, the one good thing about this is that I’ve had that “Friday Feeling” two days in a row. You know that feeling right? It sorta feels like this: Yesterday Kim and I did a tiny photo shoot with a few of my new rings. I hope to post them Monday or Tuesday, depending on how the weekend pans out. Here’s a … Read More

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