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Um, you may not remember me, but I once wrote here… like, lots. Sort of. It’s been awhile though. Months, actually, I counted.I’m Lissy. Hi. While Mandy is Hooking, rug hooking that is, (she was supposed to be teaching me how, but I took once look at the millions of tiny pieces of yarn and balked) I’m going to blog. Cuz she told me I had to. And I’m an obedient sort of person, kind of.   So guess what. … Read More

Hi, we’ve been busy.

So,  our 1st month anniversary came and went with a, well the sound kinda like a wet fart.  Both of us actually forgot it was our special day, see this is how busy we are! What have we been doing you ask?  Days upon days of scouring the internet and catalogs to bring in goodies that our fine and fabulous customers might like.  A photo shoot, which we told you about and maybe you’ve seen the pictures on our Facebook … Read More

Today is the day… Lissy made me write a blog.

I remember waaaay back in the early 2000’s, I had a LiveJournal, cause I was sort of emo. Well mainly I was dating a guy who was emo . Once I gave up my LiveJournal and subsequent boyfriend, I haven’t felt the need to write my memoirs on the internet (ignoring incessant status updates of course). Now Lissy is making me, sooo….. Hi. I am Mandy. I like stuff and stuff related activities. My favorite smell is my sleeping kitty’s … Read More

An Introduction to Lissy and Kim, by Alli

Alright, so I decided, for my first post, I would let you all know a little about my friends, Kim an Lissy. Like how we know each other and just tell you a little about them, you know, since they asked me some revealing questions about my snot and such. Which, by the way, I would like to clear up that I do not roll and flick at any house but my own so don’t stop having me over :)Then … Read More

The B!tch Bag

To answer some of your questions… What’s a B!tch Bag?  Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, somewhere. However, here’s what it is to us Polluted Pixie’s: A purse that was formerly something else. Be it a leather jacket, a skirt, curtains or maybe Dad’s old pants, they’ll all become a Bag. I will have, in a sense, taken an object and made it my b!tch and therefore, it’s a B!tch Bag. Once you get one, you will make … Read More

It happens.

Me, coming across wrong that is. It happens a lot. My humor can be rather crooked. I can be too honest… or not honest enough. I say things and then leave it, never explaining what the hell I was talking about, what I was getting at. Sometimes when I try to explain myself, it doesn’t make any sense. I imagine it happens to you as well. I’m not the only quirky one in the world. Anyways, I got an email … Read More


I’ve been trying to blog for days now. Obviously it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried to come up with something to talk about, honestly, I’ve even tried to force it a few times by opening up the post writer and putting my fingers to the keyboard. Static. All I hear is static. So, rather than continue the silence, I figured I’d talk about it. Not that you’re not used to it by now, right? I mean, honestly, how many times have … Read More


I’m sitting here, on the ferry going home, thinking thinking thinking. Not unlike a friend of mine I’ve just come from the hospital where I got an ultrasound on my right breast. A bit ago I found a lump. I was told from the beginning, by both my family doctor and then my surgeon, that it was most likely nothing to be concerned about. Nevertheless, an ultrasound was booked, just to be on the safe side. Well, today I was … Read More

Chocolate and Me

Ok, so I’ve had some complaints. Or, not really complaints, so much as whining… “I miss your blogging.” “:(” “Where are you?” “I miss your humour.” Well…  seriously, of course you miss me, it’s all part of my master plan, my “Make Them Love and Adore Me Forever” plan. What’s that old saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or some such sh*t. It’s true.  Missing me = Loving me. Ermm…. Ok, so the actual truth. I’ve been in a … Read More


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Today started a little bit earlier then usual for me, 6:11am, it stared with a dog whining in my face that he needed to go out, and because he just had surgery on his eyelid a few days ago he is not allowed to just wander around outside by himself, he has to be on a leash and I have to take him for a walk, so up I got…… Jake So, by 6:50am I had walked the dog, made … Read More

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