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B!tch Bag #2

This skinny bitch is all sugar and spice. Disgustingling hot on the outside, way too spicy on the inside.
Everyone in school wants to be her, including you, even though she made out with your boyfriend and told the whole school you have h*rpes…
Spencer was once a school girl kilt and jumper, but not anymore. Now she’s just a B!tch Bag.

4 Responses

  1. Leslie R.

    Fun fun!!

  2. Kristi

    Love this one!!!
    These B!tches are fabulous!!!

  3. Farrell

    Holy crap shes pretty!!! Are you selling her?

  4. Lissy

    Yup, I’ll be selling her (I’m a bit of a pimp that way) on Etsy….

    February, watch for it.