3 Needle Bind Off

If you’re a lazy, non-perfectionist knitter like me, you may hate the Kitchener Stitch and also hand sewing things, if that is the case, the 3 needle bind off is for you. It’s a tad awkward at first, but will quickly get comfortable and fast. If you’re here because you’ve purchased one of our patterns and are wondering what the heck a 3NBO is, welcome, I hope this makes sense to you :)   Tip: Use a larger size for … Read More

Leather Baby Bonnets

Leather baby bonnets have turned into our favorite! Don’t be afraid to use leather or vegan leather when sewing your bonnets, friends! Get yourself a leather needle and a walking foot and do some experimenting! Short brim baby bonnet pattern here  

Brimmed Baby Bonnet Sewing Pattern into Brimless Bonnet

We get these questions sometimes: “Can I turn your Brimmed Bonnet sewing pattern into a Brimless Bonnet?” “Will it work?” “Will it cover my kids head?” And do you know what? We didn’t actually know. As you know, we are procrastinators and we just never got around to trying it. Until now! We finally got around to it and it is great! If you’re looking for a classic brimless bonnet sewing pattern, this one will satisfy your needs.   This … Read More

Kitty Bonnets in the Wild

It’s not a great secret that 1. we love “Bonnets in the Wild” pictures and 2. we’re pretty sub par when it comes to product photography, or any photography really. I mean, we can’t be great at everything, although don’t mention that to Mandy… So that’s why it was so exciting for us when we hooked up with Meredith Rose Photography cuz on top of being great herself, she takes amazing photos. Pair her skills with an adorable mother/daughter duo … Read More

DIY Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

Little People, Crafting and Collars. These are all great things. Particularity when the Little is behaving, the crafting is fast/easy, and the collar is a peter pan collar. And because these are all great things, we’ve whipped up a quick and dirty tutorial for you. The best part… it’s free!   A Very Free Toddler Peter Pan Collar Tutorial with unnecessary encouragement!   First things first, What you’ll need: Fabric, if you’re making the reversible version, pick 2 coordinating ones … Read More

Toddler Bonnet Patterns

Hi Friends! Guess what! You’ve probably guessed by the title, but… Our toddler bonnet patterns are up on etsy now! Yeah! You know, when we started making bonnets, it never occurred to us that someone might want to put their toddler in a bonnet. We thought 18 months was the tops someone would want one for their babe. Let’s face it, it’s been a few days since I’ve had a toddler (about 4380, google tells me) and Mandy was still … Read More

Free Reversible Bandana Bib Tutorial

Here are the awesome things about this tutorial & Bandana Bib: It’s adorable It’s reversible It doubles as a face/wash cloth It’s easy It’s fast, 15ish minutes, tops Fits babies approximately 4-18 months (could go up to 2 years, depending on your kid) You can sell the bonnets you make! Just don’t be a jerk and take credit for the pattern, nbd It’s free!!! What you’ll need: 1 square foot of 2 coordinating fabrics. Natural fibers are the most absorbent. … Read More

Bonnets Bonnets Bonnets Piss

How much time can a person think about bonnets without going insane? No really, I legitimately want to know the answer to this. I think my time might be up. As I type this, I am watching a man piss outside the studio. It happens more than you might think. It’s because we are the only space in the back of the plaza. People think it’s private back here. Guess what, guys, it’s not… I can see you. I’m watching … Read More

Hustling: Etsy, Bonnets and Patterns

You may have noticed it. All of a sudden you’re seeing us, daily. A few times a day. Facebook, instagram, etsy. It’s a change from the monthly or bi-yearly you’re used to seeing us, we know. But bitches gotta eat, yo… or rather, we have bills to pay, winter is hard and we had some new ideas about old things. It’s funny how that can happen, isn’t it? You’ve been doing the same thing for a long time and then … Read More

A Baby Shower at Hogwarts!

8 months ago some friends and I planned the most Hogwarts-like Baby Shower for Mandy and Lily that we could. You might not know this, but Mandy read the Harry Potter series to Lily while in utero, then, when Lil was topside, Mandy started again. Mandy’s love of Hogwarts and Harry Potter is a strong one, so of course, without question, that would be the theme of her shower. We researched for months, amassing a pinterest board  (all printables are … Read More

Changed: Babies, Studios and Me

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It’s been almost a year. Hi. As we said in our last post, 11 months ago, things were changing, and boy did they. First we moved. We moved into a space so small we had to get rid of most of our carefully collected hoard. Mandy made me halve my Christmas collection (it hurts just to type that).   We spent weeks arranging and rearranging our small studio, trying to fit all the things we kept into it. Eventually we … Read More


It’s not a bad thing, change. Sometimes it can feel like it, but it always leads to something new. New = Exciting (and scary). Polluted Pixie, as you’ve known us for the passed 4 years, is about to change. Metamorphosis. Evolution. Transfiguration. We’re downsizing. We’re getting back to the basics of The Dirty Fairy Enterprise. Starting in April, we’ll be in a new, smaller location. Still in the Quathiaski Cove Plaza, but in the back, in a studio space. Yup, … Read More

a copy cat aka: a day at the colour factory

“Imitation is a form of flattery,” that’s what my mom has told me my entire life. I don’t think she believes it, entirely, I think it’s just one of those things you’re supposed to teach your kids, and so she tried, and continues to try. She’s a good Mom. But anyways, I did it, I copied Sarah. Kind of. My hair is pink, so I didn’t so much steal her colour idea, since she went lilac and I did not, … Read More

if you are, i am too

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It’s happening, that thing that happens with friends, where one does something and then others starts considering it. I don’t think it’s copying exactly… no, it’s totally copying. On Monday, a few of us are going to see my brother and sister(in-law) to get our hairs attended to. First off, I booked 3 trims, then one friend says, “maybe I want colour…? I want to be so white blonde I’m grey”. Alright. But then she says, “Nope, I want lilac. … Read More

the things i do while avoiding other things

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At the moment, I’m avoiding sewing up the last two leather mason jar cozies, that are staring at me from over there. In an effort to keep my eyes averted from all hand sewing, I find myself killing time on Photoshop, like I do sometimes. And since I have nothing in particular I should be working on on PS, I find myself visualizing the things that have gone through my head since I’ve gotten to work. And you now not … Read More

calling up the chute

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Today is the 26 of February, I have approximately 50 days to convince Meems that I’m allowed in her birth room. This is an on going battle that started when our friend, Kirstie, had enough people to fill a football team at her birth and Meems got spooked:   Meems: “When I go into labour, I’m going to quietly slip away. None of you b!tches will know. I’ll drive myself. F*ck you f*ckers.” (I believe I’m paraphrasing only slightly. These … Read More

what i wore

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Often, I see these blog posts on the blogs I follow, you’ve seen the kind too: “What I Wore!” “Today’s Style!” “My Closet is My BFF!” “I Look Really Pretty Today!” and I think to myself, “That looks easy enough, I’m pretty and my closet is my longest, if not my best, friend, I could totally do that for a blog post!” Then I remember that: more days than not, I go straight to work from the gym… without showering … Read More

Things We’ve Done Since We Last Spoke: An Update

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We’re bad at this. Blogging. We’re aware of this. We are bad at many things that require motivation. I could list them all, but I’m here for a good time, not a long time. Just kidding, it’s the opposite of that, really.   These are some of the things we’ve been doing while not blogging:         And then our bestie Kirstie put us through 66 hours of hell while she squeezed this nugget out. 66 hours. It … Read More

knitting a baby cowichan sweater: a love/hate affair

It started out as an exciting idea, these things usually do. Kirstie loves Cowichan sweaters and I’d never knit a sweater before, what did I know? A baby sweater seemed like a perfect first sweater to knit. I found an adorable pattern, bought my yarn and then I let it all sit, for awhile, as I do. These things can’t be rushed, and by “these things” I mean anything. Well, after it had sat for… well, about I month, I … Read More

an etsy treasury, about babies

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Babies on the brain. All the time. All we ever think about is babies. And so, here is an etsy treasury, about babies, nautical ones:   ‘Nautical Nursery ‘ by PollutedPixie “Oh, the sailor’s life is the life for me,how I love to sail on the bounding sea.” Swing Rope Shelf / Nautical … PalmerFallsDes… $48 XXLarge Laundry Hamper, Laun… LoveJoyCreate $98 Nautical Decor / Nautical Nu… nhayesdesigns $30 Modern Nautical Nursery – W… TheSeasideKids $24 crochet rug ,round rug, … Read More

diy: baby celtic knot headband

  Well, it’s fallen to me to be the Maker of Things for my baby that Mandy is Hosting, as Mandy is too miserable tired to make anything. Well, I’d be doing it anyways since, whenever Mandy finds something she wants that looks make-able, she looks at me and says sweetly, “Will you make it for me?” and then bats her snuffaluffagus eyelashes. Mostly I laugh at her and say no, since I’m immune to her eyelashes, but nobody says … Read More

I shouldn’t Lie to the Unborn

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I f*cking hate everything. This water tastes gross. My bra is too tight. I have a headache AND the hiccups. I am so f*cking tired. I feel like sh*t. I wish I could actually take a sh*t. I want sushi and pho. RIGHT F*CKING NOW. I am in a never ending spiraling pit of despair. Being pregnant is the worst.   I want to go home and die now. Unless someone brought me sushi and pho. I would die after … Read More

A Girl Baby or a Boy?

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“Maaaandy! This article says that tiny girl fetuses have their placenta on the left and boys have them on the right! What side was yours on?!” Meems closes one eye, deep in thought, holds up a finger, moves it around and says, “Left… no… I don’t know.” So we get out the ultrasound photo and look and…     … we don’t know. Does Poppy even have a placenta? Maybe she gets her nutrients parasite-like from her mother’s bloodstream like … Read More

The Dictator of Polluted Pixie aka: An Announcement

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A little known fact: For the past 3 months, everyday at Polluted Pixie, Mandy and I have been controlled and manipulated by our newest staff member. You might call this person a dictator even, as she has completely taken over our lives and we now have no free will of our own. Every aspect of our lives are being controlled, right down to food and clothing choices. Now, Mandy might scoff at my use of “we” here, as she is … Read More

A Bazillion Years in the Making aka: Welcome!

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  Well, here we are, just like the title implies, a bazillion years later, and I finally finished the website. Well, I didn’t so much “finish it” as I said, “F*ck it! Good enough!”   Tada!   Besides the web page, we have a few new things happening:   1. We’ve opened our etsy shop again. For now we just have some awesome vintage collectibles listed, but soon that will be the place to buy our Quadra Island Apparel online. … Read More

Tough Bitches: 97 Days to Go!

Do you want to know all the things I hate?   1. Being sick.  Its the worst.  Teetering on the edge of full blown pneumonia and a ten day round of antibiotics is not awesome.  If I can have any excuse to be lazy I will totally go with it, but this shit saps ones energy like nobodies business.  Mostly I am back to normal except for the feeling tired all the time.   2. Moving. Moving just always sucks but … Read More

Tough Bitches: 117 Days to Go

Sundays are lovely.  Big fat glorious Sunday.  I had a super great one too.  Brunch with the bitches in honor of marriage. Snowy drives with my man, in the woods.  Chasing Timber around and throwing snowballs for him.  Breakfast for dinner and an episode of Black Sails.  I even did a load of laundry.  So pretty much I am on point today.    Driving with Adam     This whole weekend has been pretty sweet actually.  Lets recap shall we?   … Read More

Tough Bitches: 121 Days to Go

What happened to day 122? Uhhh…. wibbly wobbly timey wimey time stuff? Tuesday’s gone with the wind? Tuesday Wednesday heart attack? Take your pick, really. Wednesday (121) This morning I totally woke up like a champ at 6am! What the fuck? Is this an hour people normally see? Nope, went back to bed for an hour.  7am, super reasonable.  Got up ate boring old oatmeal with chia, hemp seeds and raspberries.  Got geared up to run the spit in the … Read More

Tough Bitches: 123 Days to Go

Monday Fine.  Yesterday was a cheat day.  Everybody needs cheat days right? Lazy, I only live in my pyjamas type cheat days? I has loads of plans of getting up at the crack of dawn and doing the Mostly Mudder boot camp before my 9am shift at the clinic.  Did this happen? Fuck no.  I pressed snooze until I forced myself up at 8. Do you see a trend? I sure do and man, I gotta change my routines if … Read More

Tough Bitches: 124 days to go.

11am Sunday: What have I done? Endurance training and shit? Am I fucking insane? One thing I do know, is that I should be doing workout stuff right now or going for a run in the snow…. But TL is snuggling and the fire is so nice! Later. I’ll run later…. 10pm Sunday: Literally, figuratively and metaphorically.  I have done zero physical activities this day.  Well, I did manage to eat ALL of my valentines candy whilst my ass is nestled … Read More

Tough Bitches

Heeeey Babes! Its is the long lost blogging Pixie, Mandy.  I know I may have made noises about blogging like twice a week or some silly nonsense, but fack! I have a man and a cat and I am busy okay? Forgives? Anywhoodle, getting to the grist of it all: Impulse control. Clearly I have none. Who impulse joins Tough Mudder? Spending the morning looking at all the gnarly obstacle courses made me even more stoked to do it, not less. … Read More

Short Hair Musings

Mandy and I cut our hair sometimes.Short.It’s been awhile for both of us, though. 4 years for me, longer for her.The time’s coming up.Every season that comes into being sees us picking out new short cuts and saying, “soon…”This week, from Pintrest: Those of you that know us personally can probably figure out who wants what cut. ♥Lissy

Layer Up.

It’s been raining for almost 2 weeks now. I suppose that means Fall is here. Usually I adore Fall, it’s my favorite season, but I was hoping for Summer to at lease last through August. Oh well. Fall means I get to sit inside drinking tea, reading, watching tv and knitting and no one can say f*ck all about it. It also means that I get to have 2 day weekends again. Not Mandy though, she only gets one, bahahahaha! … Read More


It’s coming.I’m flipping between dreading it and willing it to come. The store get pretty quiet in the fall, in comparison to the summer, but the clothes are awesome.In the next few weeks the fall clothes will be rolling out.Layering things. Skirts, scarves, tights, jackets. In the mean time, leggings are our transition pieces and we’re pretty stoked on them.

Girls with Tattoos

Sunday marked another Quadra Girls tattoo day, with Kim, Kirstie, Maya, Brandi and myself all driving down to Courtenay to the Black Rose Tattoo Company. All of us, but Brandi, got “bro tats” And then we got tats of our own:   Beautiful Brandi got her roses filled.And they’re pretty. Everyone is happily healing now. I’m having a hard time not picking at mine, sometimes I do pick at it…. ♥Lissy

Things That Did & Didn’t Happen Last Week

Did:A fold-over Redux B!tch Bag was made in a light army green canvas: Didn’t: Finish Taxes… :( Did: Lissy’s brother from The Colour Factory ombre’d her hair. Didn’t: Blog :( Did:  A baby sister Redux B!tch Bag was made for the fold-over. They don’t like each other very much.   Didn’t: Take out the garbage :( Did: Win at Winners.   Didn’t: Pay our Hydro on time. Just realized now. Dammit. Did: Eat at a ghetto Chinese food take out diner. … Read More

A Change Room of Our Own.

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We’ve been talking about it for almost a year now, needing a change room.  Customers have been using our tea stained bathroom for far too long.  But, as we like to do, we put it off for a bit, and then a few more bits. Then one day, eons after we first had the idea, we decide to just finally do it. 4 days and 5 trips to our local building supply later, we have a fully functioning change room … Read More

Ermmm… Hi

Sooo….. it’s been a year. More than a year, actually. Sorry, clearly we are the worst at a lot of things, blogging motivation being one of those things (exercising being another, and dealing with recycling… and completing a task to 100% completion and math). But anyways, here I am, saying, “Hi”. Hi. We’ve changed a bit in the last year. And by a bit, I mean hardly at all. We still drink too much tea and eat too much soft … Read More

Oh…. Hi!

In our super busy schedule of drinking tea and eating soft cheese, we did another photo shoot with the lovely Lime Soda Photography!  There were two different themes. You only get one today. Please feel free to add your own captions.  I started doing it, but then also started hating everything :)  Like why is Lissy holding a basketball? And in such a location? Get creative! Maybe if someone sends in some that make us physically LOL, they can get … Read More


Today, we became a store with not one, but two signs! Why do we need two signs, you ask? Well, why the f*ck not? Maybe we’ll just keep adding them until all of Quadra says “Polluted Pixie”! Just cuz we can. Or not. Anyways, it’s awfully pretty, and fun too…. like us, really. Thanks go to our favorite artist Jeff Hallihan and his lovely helper “Poo Dog” for pushing us a bit closer to our goal of world domination…. Smiley … Read More

Perfect Pairings: Shit Glued to Other Shit and some other things

Its a bit quiet around here today…. Lissy is at home with a bad cold, I’m lonely but happy she kept her plague ridden self at home. Nicely for her though, both rotten children went to school AND her husband was working, so she got the whole house to herself!! For today’s 1st Perfect Pairing, I have chosen my friend Sarah’s favorite crafting; Shit Glued to Other Shit.  She threatens often to bring in shit she wants to glue for … Read More

Nailed It!

I know this is super hard for all of you, our loyal supporters to hear, but Lissy and I are sometimes crap at things.  You gasped right then didn’t you? I heard it, so don’t lie! Anywhoodle, Liss and I tried to be awesome and paint our nails in fun manners and diligently followed the tutorial. For the most part anyways…..  This is what we attempted. Lovely right? Totally adorable, and looks like your nails practically paint themselves no?  No is … Read More

Friday’s Perfect Pairings

Okay, so I have decided to start something. On Fridays. Its called…. ~Friday’s Perfect Pairings~ This is probably fueled by my new obsession of Pinterest. Literally I am spending 3-4 hours a day pinning shit and looking at other peoples boards. Luckily most of this time is spent while at the store, also at least its February that I’m doing this in and not like, August. I digress.  So here are some perfect pairings that I am currently IN LOVE … Read More

Lime Soda Photography Business Cards!

We’ve got this awesome friend, (we’ve mentioned her before,) Carla of Lime Soda Photography. She is ridiculously talented and we love her lots. We think she loves us too, cuz she does really great things for us. Recently, she’s made us some super amazing business cards! So obvs we’re going to give her props…     Carla, you’re the best! ♥M    &          L♥

Chalk Pastel Hair Colour!

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Mandy and I are sitting here wishing we had Chalk Pastels right now…. This is pretty awesome and we’ll def be doing it soon. Maybe you want to come in and give it a try when we do? We’ll keep you posted. (Tutorial) *We updated the link so it actually goes to said tutorial :) ♥ M      &         L ♥

Super Cute Hair Twist + Curls = Awesome

Mandy and I spend a lot of time perusing the net for entertaining things while at work. Maybe too much time actually, sort of. But because of all this time, we sometimes come across awesome things that we probably should be sharing with you all, instead of just laughing our asses off and then forgetting about it. Well, I mean, occasionally we remember to post a link on Facebook, I like to think we’re (eh-hem…Mandy is) getting better at this.I’m … Read More

Facebook Giveaway!

Um, you may not remember me, but I once wrote here… like, lots. Sort of. It’s been awhile though. Months, actually, I counted.I’m Lissy. Hi. While Mandy is Hooking, rug hooking that is, (she was supposed to be teaching me how, but I took once look at the millions of tiny pieces of yarn and balked) I’m going to blog. Cuz she told me I had to. And I’m an obedient sort of person, kind of.   So guess what. … Read More

We are lazy bloggers….

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We might be lazy about blogging, but look at us learning new crochet techniques! This is called the Tunisian Crochet, we learned about it here.  Obvs Lissy’s is the better one, because while it’s not like I totally suck at everything, she is just WAY better and faster than me :)  We also improvised on the afghan hook, by wrapping an elastic around the end of a regular crochet hook.  If I was gonna do a big project, I would … Read More

Today is the day Lissy pushes the computer off the desk and spits on it

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As per the title would imply, Lissy is currently in a hate/hate relationship with building our new webpage, www.pollutedpixie.com Its taking up alot of her time and patience but in the long run it will be amazing for us! Me on the other hand, Ive been playing words with friends, and trolling the internet.  I figure that if I can’t be helpful, I can at least sit quietly :) Two of my favorite things, books and plants! Buenos Noches! Mandy

Hi, we’ve been busy.

So,  our 1st month anniversary came and went with a, well the sound kinda like a wet fart.  Both of us actually forgot it was our special day, see this is how busy we are! What have we been doing you ask?  Days upon days of scouring the internet and catalogs to bring in goodies that our fine and fabulous customers might like.  A photo shoot, which we told you about and maybe you’ve seen the pictures on our Facebook … Read More

Yesterday was the day we had a photo shoot….

HiSo as per the title of this blog, we had a photo shoot yesterday with the lovely and talented Carla Duffy of Lime Soda Photography!  It was ever so much fun! There was crinoline and tutus and hats and animal prints and fake mustaches!  Lissy looked awesome like a punky circus girl and I, well, I looked like a leopard print banana slug :) Carla is amazing btw.  She has no problems getting dirty to get a shot she wants! … Read More

Today is the day… Lissy made me write a blog.

I remember waaaay back in the early 2000’s, I had a LiveJournal, cause I was sort of emo. Well mainly I was dating a guy who was emo . Once I gave up my LiveJournal and subsequent boyfriend, I haven’t felt the need to write my memoirs on the internet (ignoring incessant status updates of course). Now Lissy is making me, sooo….. Hi. I am Mandy. I like stuff and stuff related activities. My favorite smell is my sleeping kitty’s … Read More

Umm… hey…

So… it’s sorta been awhile, non? Like, almost forever, really. I know, sorry. We do have excuses… reasons I mean. Like, real good ones even. I’ll get to those soon. Before we talk about that, I’m going to tell you a bit about our friend Mandy. Mandy likes tea, almost as much as I do, maybe as much, actually. She reads, almost as much as I do, maybe as much, actually. She is the same height as me. Also, the … Read More

Smithsonian Snapshots

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I don’t know about you, but I love oddities, obscurities and random paraphernalia. That might be why I’ve always dreamed of going to the Smithsonian. Well, not just going there, as a teen, I used to dream of working there… still do, really. I’ve just always been missing essential components for becoming a person that could do such things… I’ll call it stick-to-it-ness, cause I like that word, also, an attention span longer than a fruit flies.Seriously though, that place … Read More

A Sneak Peak …

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Hawaii.Tomorrow. I’m frantic with all the packing and prep-ing the house today. I’m feeling a little like a crazy person actually. Anywho, since I’ll be radio silent for the next 14 days. I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at what to expect when I get back. Maybe you’ve heard me mention a Scrappy B!tch…? And if you had a crush on Skye, you may have some warm feelings for these two B!tches… Now you … Read More

One Pearl Button’s Awesome Giveaway!

I know how much you all love giveaways, and while this isn’t one of ours, it’s so fricken great (I’ve entered it) that I thought I’d better share it (and sharing it gets me another entry, so, you know, Win/Win :) ). Super adorable Alli, over at One Pearl Button, is having a giveaway to celebrate her blogs 4 year anniversary. Head on over to: http://www.onepearlbutton.com/2011/04/opb-giveaway-win-polaroid-starter-kit.html To win: Alli is a great photographer and puts together the cutest outfits for … Read More

Loka Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to: Comment #53! Aik! – You won Loka’s Re-purposed leather pouch!   Comment #14 ! JC –  You won Loka’s Feather & Charm Necklace! Comment #22! Jel – You won Loka’s Red Feather Earrings! Thank you to all that entered. Numbers drawn from Random.org

B!tch Bag: Skye

Meet Skye.Who ever said that B!tch and Stupid don’t go hand in hand? Skye buys 95% of her wardrobe from vintage boutiques. Which, you know, is fine, but here’s the thing, she refuses to shop in thrift stores, because she doesn’t want to wear other peoples old things…. Yeah, exactly… genius. She’s a self proclaimed “Boho Hippy”, (you didn’t think her parents gave her the name Skye did you? No,  she chose her own “flowing” name. *eye roll*) that practices … Read More

April Giveaway: Loka

*** Caution*** If you do not like free stuff, avert your eyes now  Today, Polluted Pixie is bringing you a chance to win 1 of 3 items, handcrafted by Sam, of Loka. Loka is both, an etsy shop and a local clothing store on our tiny island. Sam’s store front offers clothing sourced locally and with an emphasis on sustainable fabrics. She also offers local crafts people and artists a space to display their pieces for sale, on consignment. Loka … Read More


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Hey, remember us? Sooo, maybe we haven’t been around much, or like, at all, but you know what? Here we are! Yay! And guess what… we’re miserable… yup. You know why? Today is Day 1 of a cleanse for us, that’s why.That means no tea… no coffee… in fact, no solid food either… for a week. Do you know what we do get? A gallon of salt water, every morning. A salt water flush… flush is the key word. Have … Read More

Giveaway Winners!

Wow! What a week! Almost overwhelming really. We broke so many milestones that we hadn’t really anticipated and it was so much fun, that we’ve decided to do this monthly. So watch out for that. We really want to thank everyone, new and old followers, for all your well wishes, compliments and support. Now, lets just get to what you’re all really dying to know… The winners, as drawn from random.org: The winner of the K.A.E Necklace is…   Well, … Read More

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

*** Caution*** If you do not like free stuff, avert your eyes now March 14th marks our blogs one year anniversary and to celebrate, we opened (actually, we just put stuff in it for the first time, we opened it 3 years ago, shhhh…..) an etsy shop and are doing a big giveaway! That’s right we’re giving away Polluted Pixie handmade items. There will be 3 winners… 3. Did you hear that? You will have 3 chances to win! **Also, … Read More

!!!Grand Opening!!!

That’s right! We finally did it. We put items in our etsy shop!!! Yup, we’re pretty excited about it… it only took us, like, 3 years to get to it, (No really, check out our opening date… it says 2009) but we did it! You may have noticed our absence lately, well now you know the cause. We’ve been working like crazy, using up our immense amounts of brain cells, trying to get all the details in order. Shipping materials, … Read More

B!tchBag: Meet Billie.

Yer Hot. Ya know it.Didn’ ya jus’ steal that guy from that lil’ bit o’ nuttin’ ‘cross the bar? All ya had ta do was ride that there mechanical bull, an’ he was yers… Well then, how come all yer baby sister has ta do is wear a bit o’ lace,  bat ‘er baby blues, an’ he’s pantin’ in her lap like a fly on warm sh!t?  Neither o’ them even threw a guilty look yer way as they ditched … Read More

B!tchBag: Ellie-Mae

Meet Ellie-Mae.It’s Girls Night Out. You look amazing. You know it, and he knows it too. Already he’s bought you two drinks and is trying to talk you into some shots of Fireball. Yeah, that’s right, you have his full attention… That is until he spots this Country B!tch across the room, riding the Mechanical Bull. She won’t be riding a bull ever again though, because now she’s just a B!tch Bag… waiting to be your B!tch. Ellie-Mae is 12×8″ … Read More

Love Day, Schmuv Day……

I know it’s a little late to be discussing Valentines Day but that’s sort of my style when it comes to the day itself. I think everyday should be love day. I would rather be spoiled on some random day then a day that Hallmark pressures my man to do it for me. For this reason, it is not much celebrated in our household. I’m sure my man feels blessed to have gotten off the hook for so many years.This … Read More

B!tchBag3: Kelsey

Meet Kelsey.This vacillant vegan just gave you Stink-eye at the grocery checkout for buying chicken breast and then mouthed the word, “Murderer”. But look again, this B!tches shoes are made of 100% cowhide…   Not anymore though, now she’s just a B!tchBag, waiting to be your B!tch. Kelsey was created from a vintage (early 80’s) “Marquis of London” leather jacket. This big girl’s got cinches on each side for easy weight loss or gain and 5 inner & 2 outer … Read More

The Things We Do for Kids (Backfire!)

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So I think we all agree that having kids make us fat right? How else would we be able to grow a full on human in our own body. We have to expand, we have no choice. “I didn’t know I was pregnant “ on TLC tells stories that say different, but face it, that is just freaky sh*t. Those poor women, could you imagine…? Anyway that’s not what I’m getting at here…. I run after my children constantly, pick … Read More

Donut Holes!

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So, I did it! I made donut holes! Yeah, I did. And you know what? They were glorious! I’ve decided that I’m going to be the new Mrs. Alice Horton (aka Gran) of my world! Don’t you know Gran? Don’t lie to me, I know you know. Day’s of Our Lives people! Gran always had a plate of fresh cooked donuts on her kitchen table, even when she was sick…even when she had oxygen tubes taped to her face… even … Read More

Town Day

Definition: Long. Tiring. Expensive. And usually ends with a bad Fast Food meal choice, restless kids you have bribed with too much sugar and a lot of garbage in your car. See, there are pros and cons of living on a little island and having to go to town to shop is way up at the top of the cons list. Its always a last minute decision for me, based on amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, how … Read More

Fable Attraction

I’m in love with these photos. I discovered them when I was reading a fashion blog/website that I check on every 2 weeks or so called Honestly WTF. These pictures are collectively called ‘Fable Attraction’ and come from the May 2002 issue of W, they were shot by Carter Smith.                            

An Introduction to Lissy and Kim, by Alli

Alright, so I decided, for my first post, I would let you all know a little about my friends, Kim an Lissy. Like how we know each other and just tell you a little about them, you know, since they asked me some revealing questions about my snot and such. Which, by the way, I would like to clear up that I do not roll and flick at any house but my own so don’t stop having me over :)Then … Read More

Special Guest Star: Alli!

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Do you remember when Heather Locklear was the special guest star on Melrose Place for, like, 4 years? Ummm… me neither… *cough*…. (Actually, my mom and I always wondered if she got paid more because of that.) Anyways, Kim and I, we have our own Special Guest Star: Alli. Alli has decided to join us, now and again, while on an extended hiatus from her own blog. I think maybe she’s learned that Kim and I are way more fun … Read More

Social Media for Beginners Workshop and Dinner

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What’s that?Well, that’s the workshop Kim and I are teaching at our local Community Center this weekend. It’s free and for anyone that wonders what exactly it’s all about, or isn’t sure how to work things like facebook. So basically for ppl my mom’s age and older, I think. I mean, you don’t hear too many ppl 35 and under wonder what it’s for or how it works, they live there already, it’s their home. Kim and I are a … Read More

B!tch Bag #2

Spencer This skinny bitch is all sugar and spice. Disgustingling hot on the outside, way too spicy on the inside. Everyone in school wants to be her, including you, even though she made out with your boyfriend and told the whole school you have h*rpes… Spencer was once a school girl kilt and jumper, but not anymore. Now she’s just a B!tch Bag.

B!tch Bag #1

 “Madge, You’re Such a Dick” MD is sooooo hipster. Much too hipster to be your friend anymore, after all, you shop at Old Navy and have no idea what glitch music is. Pft, you are such a mainstream conformist. In fact, this former best friend has totally nixed you simply because you can’t follow a convo about philosophy, you quit smoking and don’t own an ironic tshirt.   MD is made from Vintage Dick Tracy bed sheets, a flouncy black … Read More

The B!tch Bag

To answer some of your questions… What’s a B!tch Bag?  Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the term before, somewhere. However, here’s what it is to us Polluted Pixie’s: A purse that was formerly something else. Be it a leather jacket, a skirt, curtains or maybe Dad’s old pants, they’ll all become a Bag. I will have, in a sense, taken an object and made it my b!tch and therefore, it’s a B!tch Bag. Once you get one, you will make … Read More

It happens.

Me, coming across wrong that is. It happens a lot. My humor can be rather crooked. I can be too honest… or not honest enough. I say things and then leave it, never explaining what the hell I was talking about, what I was getting at. Sometimes when I try to explain myself, it doesn’t make any sense. I imagine it happens to you as well. I’m not the only quirky one in the world. Anyways, I got an email … Read More


I’ve been trying to blog for days now. Obviously it hasn’t worked. I’ve tried to come up with something to talk about, honestly, I’ve even tried to force it a few times by opening up the post writer and putting my fingers to the keyboard. Static. All I hear is static. So, rather than continue the silence, I figured I’d talk about it. Not that you’re not used to it by now, right? I mean, honestly, how many times have … Read More

What do you think?

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So Starbucks has announced that they are updating their logo…….. Now I have 2 questions for you…… #1: What do you think? #2: Why do you think they are updating…for a new look or to avoid things like this happening to their logo? (see pics below) Let me know what you think……


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So, good new… I shaved a leg today.* Guess that means I’m shaking off my Holiday Stupor. Maybe. How were your holidays? Did you gain 5 pounds? If you didn’t, you fail. FAIL. Maybe you Failures don’t know the secrets to success. I’ll give you a few basic pointers to help you along next year, since I’m just awesome like that. Tip #1: Stay in your Jammies until at least 1230 every day. 130 is better, but you want to … Read More

Framed Cooks: Molasses Cookies

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It’s baking day again, and man, I really wasn’t feeling it. Actually, I wasn’t really feeling anything but movies and jammies today, so the idea of having to bake, do laundry and make school lunches for tomorrow… forget it. No way. I felt like skipping Sunday Chores and just knitting. So that’s what I did, for the first half of the day. I watched kid movies with the Smidgens, knitted, and just let the rest go. Then, when the movie … Read More

LazyLady Snack Cake

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I’ve said it before and it’s something you all know about… Lissy = Lazy So, does it surprise you that one of my favorite recipes is super duper easy, really really quick and contains a smidgen of sugar? No, me neither. Here’s the deal, this cake can be whipped together in less than 5 minutes, not including baking time, obviously. It can also be just about anything you want it to be. I’ve made five different flavors of this cake, … Read More

Mexican Paper Flower Tutorial

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So, if you don’t know me well, I’ll tell you something about myself…I love Mexico! I love the heat, beaches, culture, colors….so many beautiful colors!! Last week my friend Alli turned 30, and we threw her a surprise party….and we wanted bright colorful decorations for her party, and since she loves Mexico too, these flowers were perfect for her party!!! So, here is a tutorial on how to make these beautiful paper flowers! Hope you like them! You need 3 … Read More

Long Time No Talky

Sooo, it’s been awhile, hey? 2 weeks and no word from Lissy. Were you dying? Have you been longing for me? I know, I know… it’s ok, I’m here now. For the moment… Listen, I’ve got a good excuse for my absence, and it’s not a lame, “I was busy,” excuse (although I was). My computer had a nasty virus, well, 3 actually, as well as a slew of other problems. Thus, no blogging play time for me until I … Read More


I’m sitting here, on the ferry going home, thinking thinking thinking. Not unlike a friend of mine I’ve just come from the hospital where I got an ultrasound on my right breast. A bit ago I found a lump. I was told from the beginning, by both my family doctor and then my surgeon, that it was most likely nothing to be concerned about. Nevertheless, an ultrasound was booked, just to be on the safe side. Well, today I was … Read More


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Well, we have been working long and hard hours on creating a new look for our blog (Lissy mostly cause she is a computer genius)…..we were both starting to get bored of our old look, so we thought if we were bored of it, you might be too……so here it is!!!! What do you think?? Hope you like it!! ****UPDATE**** If you’ve previously grabbed a button from us, you’ll need to grab it again. Unfortunately our old one suffered a … Read More


I should have posted this last week…sorry, better late then never! The Mo, slang for moustache, and November come together each year for Movember. Movember challenges men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The rules are simple, start Movember 1st clean-shaven and then grow a moustache for the entire month.  The moustache becomes the ribbon for men’s health, the means by which awareness and funds are raised for prostate cancer.  Much like … Read More

Halloween is for Grown Ups too

As I mentioned earlier Kim and I went out on Friday and I wasn’t really feeling it, but I sucked it up and we had a good time. For months we’ve been discussing our Sugar Skull/ Day of the Dead costumes, so it was slightly surprising to find that when it was time to do it, we were both slightly hesitant. We both felt we needed to watch a Youtube tutorial before diving in, so we did, and then we … Read More

And Let Halloween Be Over … I Mean… Begin.

Are you excited for Halloween? I’m not. As usual, I got excited for a holiday too early and by the time the actual day has rolled around, I’m over it. Yeah, I’m over it. But me being me, I’ll suck it up and do what has to be done. Like tonight, there is a dance that Kim and I are going to. We’ve being planning our costumes for it for, I don’t know, months? I don’t feel like going, and … Read More

Who/What are you going to be??

Halloween is upon us once again, so…..Who/What are you going to be?? Every year I am normally getting 4-5 costumes together, 3 kids, me and sometimes Clay….so I generally start preparing in September…..the kids and I decided pretty early what we wanted to be, so I’ve had a lot of time to get everything organized, but when I came home from my trip to Victoria, my son says that he has changed his mind about what he wants to be….thanks … Read More

Un Chapeau

That’s right, just one. Because although I was in the cutest shop, in an adorable historic house in Okotoks, Alberta, and I was surrounded in 3 hats that I loved (and 3 more that I liked)… I could only get one. Let me tell you, it was torture. The problem, you see, is they were all cloches. I love cloches and the fact that they have come back into fashion in the last few years makes my head super happy. … Read More

The Best Part about Halloween is…

I don’t really need to say it, do I? So, Kim and I went shopping on Friday. The goal, halloween costume odds ‘n’ sods for us and groceries for me. Now, the store where I buy my groceries from always gives you something free if you spend over $250 (one time, we got a DVD player, that was probably the best thing we’ve ever received). These things tend to be seasonal, in the summer, there are boxes of fruit, around … Read More

An 18 Hr Drive… More or Less

I’ve been home for a few days now, but haven’t been all that inspired to talk to you all. This might be because I feel like I should talk about my trip, yet I’ve been unsuccessful in summing it up in words. I wasn’t sure why this was until, this morning, when one of my favorite bloggers made the comparison of sharing vacation stories to telling someone about a dream you had… “fun for you, boring for everyone else.” Upon … Read More


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I have this wonderful friend…..her name is Jessica Brooks, not only is she smart and beautiful, she is amazingly talented, she has her own baking company and a singing career. She lives in Toronto, so I don’t get to see her much anymore, but it’s always like no time lost when I do see her, which I love, we always have a good time together, whether we are having a few drinks or a cup of coffee. Whenever she is … Read More

Happy 70th Birthday!!!

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If John Lennon was still alive, today would be his 70th birthday! Today is a perfect day to pay tribute to an amazing artist, musician, and peace activist…..his songs and images will always in our hearts and memories! Happy Birthday John!! He was murdered 10 days after this photo was taken these 2 above picture are from the Lennon Wall in Prague, Czech Republic since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from … Read More

Happy turkey (or tofurky) weekend

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Happy Thanksgiving!!! It’s that time of year again, a time when everyone comes home to be with their families and fill their tummies full of yummy goodness, turkey or tofurky, mashed potatoes, veggies, pie, and a nice bottle of wine….however your family celebrates I hope it a great one!!!  

Hitting the Road… like Jack?

Today, in a few hourse, the kids and I are dumping ourselves into my MIL’s car and going on a road trip. My BIL is getting married this weekend, and instead of taking the easy way out and hopping on a plane, like our husbands, Dar and I are driving to our neighbor province. Yup, we’re driving to Alberta. Do you know what that means?   Yup… it means my hand out the window, but more importantly it means hours, … Read More

I just wanna sleep…..

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So I’m back (not that I’ve been gone long)…..and trying to catch up on sleep again….. We did a quick trip to Victoria and back to snuggle our new nephew Rylan …… ♥ Now its back to regular busy life, I took Clay to the airport yesterday ,back to work he goes :( , today is a get life back in order day, kids off to school, clean, and get prepared for a crazy Tuesday, 10.5 hrs in town ,gad … Read More

Chocolate and Me

Ok, so I’ve had some complaints. Or, not really complaints, so much as whining… “I miss your blogging.” “:(” “Where are you?” “I miss your humour.” Well…  seriously, of course you miss me, it’s all part of my master plan, my “Make Them Love and Adore Me Forever” plan. What’s that old saying? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or some such sh*t. It’s true.  Missing me = Loving me. Ermm…. Ok, so the actual truth. I’ve been in a … Read More


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Today started a little bit earlier then usual for me, 6:11am, it stared with a dog whining in my face that he needed to go out, and because he just had surgery on his eyelid a few days ago he is not allowed to just wander around outside by himself, he has to be on a leash and I have to take him for a walk, so up I got…… Jake So, by 6:50am I had walked the dog, made … Read More

Oh Baby!!!!

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My beautiful sister in law (I have a few beautiful sister in laws), but I’m talking about Desiree, she and her husband Sam are going to have their first baby near the end of the month (Sept.). Photo by Belinda Fontes I’m sooooo excited, I’ve been in Des’s life since she was 10 years old….kinda crazy that she is now going to have a baby, I know we all grow up….but like I always say, it’s crazy how quickly time … Read More

A Marriage Moment with a touch o’ Craft…

ChrisTopher got home from work yesterday and went straight out to cut firewood. Me, being the Best Wife in the Whole World went out to help him. I grabbed my work gloves and skipped out to the woodshed. “Hi!” I chirped at him. Pulling on my gloves and slapping them together, my hands, in the gloves, that is. They made a fun thwap sound, so I did it again. Topher looked at me narrowly. “What are you doing?” “I’ve come … Read More

A Crafty Sample…

So, I’ve got this friend. She’s very demanding. I grew up with her. And even though we sorta fell outta touch for the last… like… 16 years or so, and she lives…like… 18 hrs away, she feels she can demand things from me. Like entertaining blog posts. I know, right? *eye roll* Demanding. In her words, she’s “expecting big things from (my) blog this fall!”. Also, she’s insisting on seeing my talent on here too. I mean really, all you … Read More

!!!Back to School Joy!!!

Ok, so normally, I’m one of those mom’s that doesn’t want summer to end. Not because I love the weather, because I don’t, I prefer the rain. And not because I love to be outside, because I don’t, I feel the same way about that as I do about dieting, namely, I don’t believe in it. I love it because I like having my kids around. I love the freedom to sleep in and then have the whole day to … Read More

90’s trends….

I keep noticing myself saying, “oh, I like that” and then I think….wait, I’ve worn that before, but when?…..oh right, in the 90’s. I always thought that I wouldn’t repeat trends that I’ve already lived through and have worn, but there are 2 that I’ve noticed that I seem to be on the look for …….the perfect plaid shirt and Doc Martens.   Red seems to be a theme…..hmm I think something with red in it! So, these are the … Read More

Now Hiring

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Today is one of those day……first, I’m tired….I was up at 2am with my youngest, who was barfing from eating too much sugar at a birthday party, then trying to get to sleep on the couch with her, just in case she puked again (closer to the bathroom), after an hour of trying to sleep and no more puking I decided to go back to my own bed and with in 5 mins she was crawling into bed with me, … Read More


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Mother Mother!!!!!! Living on Quadra you can’t help but be proud of these guys, they are all amazingly talented people, Ryan & Molly grow up here on Quadra….so us Islanders think of them as a local band, though they create their unique sound in Vancouver. They tour all over Canada, USA, and the UK. They are in the recording studio recording songs for their new album…..can’t wait for that, I’m sure it will be just as amazing as the last … Read More

Cherpumple: Have You Made One?

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Ok, so in my morning internet routine, I came across this video. I’m sure a lot of you people that peruse craft blogs have already experienced this awesomeness, but it was the first time I’ve seen it. Charles Phoenix just made my morning. He does this wobbly dance at around the 10 second mark, that I may have done myself once or twice. And his voice kills me. I’d like him to answer my phone for me.   “So Good…” … Read More

Guilt-free Icecream!!!!

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Did you know (#1) that I LOVE DQ’s Reeses Pieces Blizzards? Kim and I have been known to pop in for a quick Blizzard snack while shopping in Campbell River (since we don’t have one on Quadra) now and again. Ok, we get onion rings too. We share though, so that there is no overindulgence, since Kim cares about such things. It usually goes like this: “We’d like one Reese’s Pieces Blizzard and one onion rings, please.” I order without … Read More

Guilt-free Icecream!!!!

Did you know (#1) that I LOVE DQ’s Reeses Pieces Blizzards? Kim and I have been known to pop in for a quick Blizzard snack while shopping in Campbell River (since we don’t have one on Quadra) now and again. Ok, we get onion rings too. We share though, so that there is no overindulgence, since Kim cares about such things. It goes like this: “We’d like one Reese’s Pieces Blizzard and one onion rings, please.” I order without making … Read More


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I know I don’t have to tell you what day it is today, but did you notice it’s a cool date….08-09-10! I’m feeling a little blah today….I’m having water issues at home, it’s either a pump issue or no water, I’m waiting patiently for someone to tell me the problem or ship some water to me. Hopefully today I get some answers! I think I need some of these today!!

Long > Short

Do you say “Lumos” before flipping a light switch? When confronted with a broken phonebooth, do you pick up the receiver and say “Ministry of Magic please.” ? Well, if you do, you’re more of a Harry Potter fanatic then I am, but I do love the books and movies. Also, I love Emma Watson. I’m pretty sure I want to be her when I grow up. I mean really, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s artistic, and while other actresses … Read More

345 Minutes of Hell

Name the place from these phrases: “He’s looking at me!” “She kicked me!” “He threw something in my eye!” “She spat at me!” “I’m going to pull over right now, if you two don’t SHUT UP, and leave you right HERE!” Did you guess Hell? Cuz you’d be right. Also, if you guessed in the car with children, you’d be right too. Mom and I had the bright idea, the other day, to take my kids and my two nephews … Read More

Miss us????

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Yay we’re back!!! I know Lissy & I have both been pretty lame bloggers lately but, I do have an excuse (you’ll have to ask Lissy for hers) if you want one……..ok I’ll give it to you anyways, My hubby was home for a week so we were off having fun. We went to Victoria for a night, visited his Mom and sister, went to the Imax (kids loved it), we also did back to school clothes shopping (we are … Read More

A Journal Entry:

So I’ve been beyond boring this week, not only in actions but in mind too. Thus, the blog has had a pretty stagnant. Regardless of my Meh-ness, I do believe that you all deserved some form of post, therefore I’m going to share an ancient journal entry with you.H&B’s L May 3, 2005 “Just another event to reaffirm the sort of daughter I’ve got. Slowly I trudge up the hill. Kaidence weighing heavily in the backpack strapped to my back. … Read More


Lissy is at work today and I am off to the airport to pick up Clay (my hubby)…..it’s been 2 weeks since we have seen him ……he is here for a week and we are so happy to have him home !!!! Happy Happy!!!! Hope your day is full of happiness!!!!!


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Kim told me that she was “making” me do today’s post. My response was the same as it is for a lot of things Kim says or does. “KI-I–i-i-i-i-i-i-mmmmmmm!” (this is voiced in a combination of exasperation and whine) See, it’s not that I’m opposed to doing the post, it’s that she used the word “make”. I don’t like people making me do anything. In fact, my initial reaction to any sort of force is to dig in my heels, … Read More

Surf Culture

So…..I have a bit of a fascination with the surf culture…..fashion, people, laid back lifestyle, water, beach, tans, surfers, surf boards, movies, music, locations, you name it I love it! Yet, I don’t surf. My husband has done it a few times (whenever we go to Tofino) but there is really nowhere around here to do it. He is one of those people that gets on a surf board and can stand up first try. We both have always said … Read More

It’s Monday Again……

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Can you believe how quickly summer is flying by? We are already half way done July……crazy! Today is my brother Jason’s birthday……he always likes to say that I’m catching up to him in age……but, no J….you’ll always be older then me …hahaha!!! He is the big 37 today…..so Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother!!!! Happy B-day J!!!


For any of you who doesn’t know me well……I love to sleep in, and I’m pretty good at it too. That is one thing I love about summer, the kids are out of school, they sleep in themselves or can get their own breakfasts and turn the T.V on their own. And because I have an amazing husband who lets me be a stay at home mom, I get to sleep in, in the summer time (if I don’t have … Read More

Fairy Tales

I’ve got this friend, we’ve known each other basically since birth (you can see a young version of her here, she’s in the picture with me). We used to tell people that our moms would set phones to their pregnant bellies so that we could talk in utero. I’m pretty sure that didn’t actually happen although my parents did used to call us the Pickle Sisters and whenever we fought (which was pretty much every time we played as children) … Read More


  I’m feeling a little sad right now…..Clay (my husband) just left for the first time to his new job, which means 2 weeks away and 1 week home, the kids and I miss him so much already :( I know it will get better with time…..most things do, but right now I miss him :( He is my best friend in the whole wide world and the most amazing father to our kids !!! So yes, love is on … Read More

Princess Lissy

I may have inherited the royalty gene from my dad. Maybe. Not an actual royal gene though, just the gene that gives the general sense of entitlement and expectation that every one else should serve me. Because of this, my life is very challenging. For example, even though someone should come to clean my house… I must do it myself. Do you see what I mean? Also, I have to drive my own ass around! Which, I might add, not … Read More


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Kim and I took our asses to see Eclipse last night. Yes, we really are that sort, the Twilight sort. We are the first to admit to our lameness over the fact, or at least Kim is, my general Awesomeness allows me to do dumb sh-t and remain unscathed, therefore there is nothing to admit to… The fun thing about going to those movies is the audience involvement. Seriously, if you’ve been, you know, if you haven’t, you’re missing out. … Read More

Picture it……..Sushi

I love sushi…..and tonight I get to go out for sushi for my b-day with some beautiful lovelies in my life….I’m uber excited!!!! I make sushi at home, but it’s always so great to have someone else make it for you. Even my song of the day is called Sushi! Photos (we♥it & google images) Hope your day is filled with yummy goodness, like mine will be!!

All the beautiful Island people……..

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Yesterday was Canada Day as you all know (if you are Canadian or read our blog if you aren’t) anyways, I took my youngest daughter down to our Island’s children & Canada day fest…..basically some live music, food, a bounce-o-rama and a big field to run around on. I myself sat on the grass and had a drink with some beautiful girls that I only get to see a few times a year…..cause they are all living their young beautiful … Read More


!!!Happy Canada Day!!!   It’s raining here, which might put a damper (cough) on the islands festivities. Then again, us West-Coasters are used to kicking it in the rain, so there may be much fun to be had by all. How are you spending this summer day? Rain? Sun? Fun? Work? Sleeping? Eating? That’s a good question actually. That is what I want to know. What was your favorite thing that you ate today? Hearts&Bubbles, Lissy PhotoSource


So, the wedding. What do I say about the wedding? It was beautiful, that’s a given considering the location and all the pretty people But that’s not the memory that will forever be branded into my mind when someone mentions our friends wedding. That memory will be of one of my table mates, the one that puked an entire bottle of red wine onto my table during the speeches. This was unfortunately equally as funny and gross as it was … Read More

Wondering where the lions are…..

Well, I kind of got inspired by my song choice for the day. It’s a great remake of the Bruce Cockburn 1979 original….Wondering where the lions are. I love Donavan Frankenreiter, he has a lovely voice. My family is quite the nature show watchers and nature photography lovers, we all enjoy. We could spend the whole day cuddled on the couch watching shows and movies about animals. Clay has gone on a camping stag trip today, Soren has gone to … Read More


Today, I get to go to my son’s class and listen to a bunch of 10 year old recite their own poetry. Are you jealous? Of course you are. What sane person wouldn’t be fighting tooth and nail for the chance to hear how deeply someone feels about PB&J,  skateboarding, or Hannah Montana? I’d cut a bitch to go, if I wasn’t already invited that is. Have a glorious weekend, All. I’ll be at a Wedding. Chris is part of … Read More

June 24th means…

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Dear K, Did you know that a whole bunch of cool stuff happened in history on June 24th? Stuff Like: The First War of Scottish Independence ended with the Scots kicking the Brits asses (that’s the WilliamWallace/BraveHeart/MelGibson war, if you don’t know. Remember when MG was all sane and yummy-like? Those were good days.) The colony of New Jersey was founded (before the Brits (ya, Brits again, they were totes greedy back then) took it and named it that, part … Read More

My Lastest Obsession……..

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About a week ago my daughter (Rumer) got a birthday card from her Gramma……and we both instantly fell in love with the art on the card. The artists name is Camilla d’Errico. She lives in Vancouver, BC (which is super cool…a canadian girl). I went on the computer and googled her name, found her website, and tons of pictures of her paintings and comic books she has illustrated for. I think now I’ll have to buy some of her prints, … Read More


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            Happy Summer Solstice!!!! How are you spending this not so sunny summer solstice ?? My husband and I were just asking ourselves that same question….what are we going to do today? It’s not hot enough to lay on the beach……and we both have the day off to day so we wanted to do something…..other then cleaning the house :( So, we have decided to go and do firewood….yes firewood, I know it’s summer, but you always have to stock … Read More


So two nights in a row, I’ve had a dream that someone was chasing me, trying to kill me. Now I’m not going to bore you with the details of said dreams, because listening to other ppls dreams is about as much fun as shitting in a crowded public bathroom, except to say this: One of them took place at a futuristic mall… inside of a pineapple. Listen, the pineapple part, it’s kinda thrown me for a loop. I’ve never … Read More

Something Postponed, Canceled and Random

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Something Postponed: Kim and I had grand plans to finally put stuff in our Etsy store June 15th (we opened it, like, forever ago. No, really, forever ago)… What’s the date? Yeeeeah… that’s right. I’ve decided that June 30th is the new 15th (erm… hope that’s cool, Kim). And maybe the fact that I’ve put it out there for all of you to read will mean that we will stick to it. Maybe. Somehow, June is getting away from me. … Read More

A book……

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If you are like me and you are interested in the food we eat and feed our kids, where it comes from and how it has changed over time…our so called “western diet”,  then I have a great book to recommend. It’s called In The Defense Of Food by Michael Pollan. So, if you have some extra time on your hands, give this book a try…..and let me know what you think!

Today I…

* Got a sunburn on one side of my body * Ate cake for breakfast and lunch… and dinner * Called 11 inanimate objects stupid, bitch or asshole *Fed my kids toast with cheese wiz for dinner * Was proclaimed the best mom that was ever ever ever born (thanks to the CW toast) * Watched 15 minutes of aerobics on TV and decided that was enough exercise for the day What did you do? Photo Source


It’s Lissy’s birthday today……HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISSY!!!!!! It’s her last year in her 20’s…..29 forever! We are taking Lissy to the Sweet Tease Burlesque Show tonight……watching girls dance and strip down to pasties and panties….what could be a better b-day present?! So, if you are on Quadra tonight…buy a ticket and come on done to the Legion and say “hi” to the birthday girl! Happy Happy Birthday Lissy!!!!! Love You!!!!!  

Giveaway Winner!

No fancy intro here, all you really want to know is who the winner is, right? Well, we plunked our comment number into random.org and the winner it gave us is… Congratulations, Leslie R. Polluted Pixie Package # 3 is yours! You lucky girl! Leslie has a cute blog with “pixie” in the name too and she likes to talk about one of our favorite things, food. http://cuppapixie.blogspot.com/ Leslie, send us an email ( pollutedpixie@live.com ) with your shipping info, and … Read More


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Well… obviously we didn’t get to the playlist. Nor have I changed the song of the day in a while. Kim’s internet is still out, I blame her. In keeping with the theme of Late, the videos will be late too, because Kim and I are working. Yes, working, I know. After years and years and years and years of being SAHM’s, we decided to get summer jobs… together. Nothing glamorous, of course, but our roles as servants for the … Read More


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My oldest friend, Cyan and I, Mayday 1987. We were pretty certain that the newspaper declaring us the future May Queens 1. Made us famous 2. Was as valid as a magic 8 ball, so like 100% true. Our little island celebrates Mayday the Saturday after the May long weekend every year. There’s a parade, maypole dancing, a cute little May Queen giving a speech, and my favorite part, bagpipes.  Pretty much our entire community goes to Rebecca Spit, rain … Read More

Is it too much to ask…

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that the universe send me:  Eggs Benny with a slice of ham the size of my HEAD… A van made of candy… And that the eating of these things make me look like this in a bathingsuit? I don’t think so, do you? PS. Don’t forget to enter our GIVEAWAY! Photo Source: #1&3 Google Images, #2 weheartit.com

Better Late Than Never…

Kim’s away this weekend, so it was left for me to post Friday’s playlist. Yeah… well, I forgot. It was even all ready for me. We actually put it together on Thursday, to be ahead of the game… pfft. But listen, I had a very good excuse. Get this, I was OUTside… GARDENING! I know! Lissy, gardening! Chris looked to the sky for flying pigs or the second coming of Christ, but no, it was ALL me. (cue angles singing … Read More

What today looks like to me…….

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Well, this is what my day looks like…… Cleaning…….. Laundry…….. And packing……. The excitement is so overwhelming….so much so that I’m having a hard time getting started…..but if I don’t then I guess no one has a cleaning toilet to pee in or any clothes to wear or take on our trip…….yay for me!!! Well, I guess it’s time to crank the tunes and get started….. What exciting things are you up to today??? photo source: weheartit & google images

Our First GIVEAWAY!!!

*** Caution*** If you do not like free stuff, avert your eyes now Remember last week when we mentioned that we were planning something fun? Well here it is! Our very first giveaway!!! We describe ourselves as a craft blog, but even we realize how funny that is, since we have yet to put up one thing that is crafty. So we decided to prove just how crafty we can be… by giving away things crafted by us. One lucky … Read More


I break up with Monday every week, but it comes back week after week. Apparently it listens as well as a three year old. Not impressed. My weekend was amazing. The food, the hydropath, the company, my new flipflops, but not the bed. I’m still in pain from the bed. If you ever get the chance to go the the Kingfisher, I suggest you take your own pillow and an extra stomach. Am slightly grumpy today for no other reason … Read More

18 yrs……

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Today is my husband (we aren’t officially married ) and I’s 18th anniversary . Clay and I have been together since high school…..a rare thing nowadays ….high school sweethearts. Life together has mostly been great, we’ve had hard times, but really who hasn’t. After all these years we still love each, and want to raise our 3 amazing kids together….life is good!!! So, all I really have to say is “Happy Anniversary Clay, I love you….wow 18 yrs times fly” … Read More

Poductivity, Kim and Lissy Style

Kim and I were extremely productive today. Yesterday we made plans, for today, to start something fun we have in the works for you followers (*cough* notice I said followers, not readers? That wasn’t a slip, if you want to partake in the awesome fun-ness we are planning, you’ll need to be a follower). I even went to pick up the carless Kim and help her clean her house so we could get started early (by “help” I mean watch… … Read More

Let’s talk Tattoos…..

So, what do you think of tattoos? Do you love them, hate them? Do you have any? What are they? I myself love tattoos! I got my first tattoo when I was 21, 2 months after my first child was born, a small blue star on my lower back. Then about 3 yrs ago I had a major itch to get more….so I got 2 stars, one on each of my frontal shoulders, then a year later I got 3 … Read More

Growing Pains on Cinco de Mayo

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It’s Wednesday and while we’re not drinking wine yet, the things that we are doing, contemplating and talking about are going to lead us to the bottle soon. What is it that we’re talking about? Well that’s none of your business, but it’s about growing up again and we’re suffering growing pains. Feeling sorry for ourselves, because things don’t fall into our laps. Really, why is that so much to ask for? For everything to be handed to us on … Read More


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It’s been a long day. For both of us. Kim and I started the process of becoming real grown ups, today. Now we are both kinda wanting to take it all back. We won’t, but yeah, we want to. I mean really, what’s so great about growing as a person? What if you (and by you I mean me, obviously) am already pretty frickin’ great? Why mess with perfection? Erm… yeah… Anywho, It’s MusicVideoMonday and I’m feeling like I need … Read More

Happiest of Mornings to you!

I had one of those dreams. You know the kind. The type that has you still wrapped up in it’s emotions as you wake up. Therefore, the first thing I did this morning was to accusingly say, “You lost fifteen grand in Las Vegas!!!” to my husband and then glare at him until he stopped trying to cuddle me and slunk out of bed. In hindsight, I probably should’ve gotten up and apologized, once I’d woken up enough to realize … Read More

Picture it: Summertime

Well it’s another one of those late night posts and I’m here thinking about summer and all the fun things I like to do in the summer.There are always more visitors. My parents are coming for a visit this week and my brother and my niece are coming next week……so it’s starting to feel like summer is on it’s way! So, some of the things that I like to do with friends & family in the summertime are: camping spending … Read More

Girl Crush: Erin Wasson

I have a bit of a girl crush on Erin Wasson, not only because she is beautiful but I also love her easy, low key sense of style. She is also launching a womanswear collection in collaboration with surf and skate lifestyle brand RVCA called Erin Wasson x RVCA. This year she also introduced her own jewelry line called Low Luv. we♥it & google images Who’s your girl crush??

Random Love:

At least once a month I come across the movie Far and Away on TV. I am never able to not watch it. Now, I would never call it my favorite movie, but there is just something about Nicole Kidman (back when her face moved) and Tom Cruise (before the crazy, with his front teeth in the side of this mouth)  in period clothes, spoutin’ Irish accents, that is the right formula to = irresistible to me. Well anyways, this … Read More

Happy Earth Day!!!!

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Today is Earth Day. Earth day was designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. The very first Earth day took place in 1970. We should celebrate Earth Day by living as green as possible everyday.Today I think I may go down to the beach and pick up garbage since I think I’m going to miss our annual beach clean up this Sunday (hopefully I can make it). I’m also going to do my recycling today, not that … Read More


Twitter When you put “followers” as a label into WeHeartIt  you find a twitter picture of Jesus… Wine postpones dinner….  It’s quicker to acquire Facebook fans than blog followers. So, we did it. We made a Facebook fan page. Look, follow through. We’re getting good at this. 15 minutes in and we have 9 fans. We rock. You know you love us, how could you not? Anyways, back to the Facebook, this is our page, become a fan, or like us … Read More

It’s Wednesday, hmmm…..

 (Source) Well, we’re doing it again. It’s Wednesday, and we’re…. um…. drinking wine. Wednesday may as well be called Wine Wednesday from here on out. Today our excuse was that it was sunny. Sunny Deck Drinking is essential to good blogging, or so we are telling ourselves. It sounds like a good excuse, doesn’t it? Today was actually a strategy day, or it was supposed to be. How to gain more followers? That was the question we are supposed to … Read More


 (WeHeartIt) It’s that day again… Monday. I hate Mondays, as a rule, but this morning my mom took me out for breakfast (love you Mom!), so it’s not so bad. While eating breakfast, warm in the cafe, a steaming cuppa chai warming my paws, I watched my children (Kim’s too) run laps (ok, they didn’t actually run, they walked. Well, not really even walked, more like moseyed) around their school (all of the classes do this every morning). Maybe I … Read More

Oh such pretty things…….

Well it’s Sunday, the end of a long day and weekend, but a great one. Last night I went to a friends 40th birthday party and the theme was Carnival….it was a blast and everyone dressed up, skimpy, colorful costumes, make up and feathers everywhere, it was great. Everyone was so creative ( I will share pics after I upload to my computer). It was a fun night. So for tonight blog I’m going to share some pretty things, some … Read More


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One for you and you and you…       Dear Ethan, Stop hiding the TV remote before you go to school. Contrary to popular belief, Mom does not need help curbing her TV “habit”. NOW GIVE ME THE REMOTE!!! MAMA’S MISSING HER STORIES!!!     Dear Book, I wish you would end. Why are you so boring? Do you know where the remote is?   Dear Chris, You are the rain in my rainbow. (Don’t look at me like … Read More

Window shopping Wednesday!!!

Well, it’s a new season again and every time you walk into a store it’s, NEW NEW NEW …..makes me drool….This is probably my favorite season to shop, spring/summer. Tees, Tanks, Shorts, skirts, dresses, shoes, swinsuits…..Oooo the fun!!! So, here a few things I’m after and love……  red & black toms     I always need more…..  Roxy This can be worn 3 different ways! love these Next time I’m in Victoria, it’s mine!! American Eagle Everyone needs a basic black … Read More

Strawberry Cardamom Streusel Muffins

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( The names a mouth full, isn’t it? I just act like I mean to say strooful instead of streusel.) (These are not my muffins, but this picture was nicer than mine so…) It’s Sunday, and after 3/4 of a month off of school for springbreak, the kids are back at it tomorrow, so for me, that means that it’s back to baking every Sunday for lunch snacks. Today I made muffins! (kay, I usually make muffins, they’re easy, and … Read More

Style Crush: Yellow

 (WeHeartIt) Lissy: My history with Yellow is fairly limited. I had one pair of pants as a kid that were very yellow, like, sunshine yellow and a banana yellow desk in my room growing up. Besides those, I can’t think of anything that I had that was yellow until last year, when the color finally started to attract my attention and I bought a few things for my wardrobe. This spring, the idea of fashion is to recycle most of … Read More

A little bit of Whimsy

(I hope you read the title with an English accent, cuz you’re supposed to…) OK, so the fact is, it’s pretty frickin’ gross out today. It’s stormy and windy and dark today. It doesn’t really elicit happy creative vibes. We had talked about crafting this afternoon, but really, all we could make ourselves do is drink wine (eh-hem… yes, drinking in the day time, we really are great parents… mostly. No really, they aren’t here… they’re outside… in the storm…). … Read More

Hoppy Easter

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Well, the big bunny has been to our house and now the kids are loading their bodies up with sugar. It’s another blustery day outside, rain & wind. I guess it’s a house cleaning day for me……I think the easter bunny made a mess while he was here……….  (photo source) Hope that you all have a great Easter holiday with your friends & family!!!!!

Today I…

… woke after a dream that I delivered my own baby girl on the living room floor of a friends house. I hadn’t been pregnant before she decided to come out. (Have I mentioned that I don’t want more kids? This was a borderline nightmare.) … had to threaten my children with death unless they brushed their teeth. They laughed at me. … wish I had this colour nailpolish. … did not sneak candy while getting the kids ready for … Read More

Rings and Things

My MIL is coming for dinner tonight (she’s dropping her dog off for the week while she jumps over to Hawaii. Yes, we are a Dog Hotel). I should prob clean the bathroom, but not sure I’ll get around to it. She knows me, my MIL, I like to think that she rolls her eyes good-naturedly (I think that whenever anyone rolls their eyes at me it’s in a “oh she’s so adorably annoying” kinda way. I’m never wrong about … Read More

Weekend at Mt. Washington

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Before Clayton & I had kids our biggest love (besides each other) was snowboarding. We used to spend our winters snowboarding as much as humanly possible. I even snowboarded while pregnant with my first two kids. Well, times have changed and we don’t get up even a quarter as much as we would like….and having kids makes things more difficult and expensive. But this weekend our whole family were invited to spend the weekend with our friends, Andrea & Bob, … Read More


I’ve been running a day ahead for the last 3 days. It’s made the week seem really slow. However, the one good thing about this is that I’ve had that “Friday Feeling” two days in a row. You know that feeling right? It sorta feels like this: Yesterday Kim and I did a tiny photo shoot with a few of my new rings. I hope to post them Monday or Tuesday, depending on how the weekend pans out. Here’s a … Read More

Picture it: Headband Love

Well, lately I’ve had a real love for headbands/headpieces with & without feathers. They are everywhere, they have a definite hippie/boho feel to them which I’m totally drawn to right now. I haven’t quite brought myself to wear one out in public yet, my oldest daughter Rumer wears them, maybe that’s a reason why I haven’t yet, I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be a 13yr old. But I know myself  well enough to know that I … Read More

The Thing About Us…

Kim and I, we talk a lot. Like A lot. And that is mostly our thing, talking about sh*t, not actually doing it. Which really isn’t so great when you are actually wanting something to get done, ya know? (OK, so we do actually get things done, sometimes.) I suppose the problem is that we are major Dreamers, and some of our dreams, we could actually make happen, and we know it, but what do we do about that? We… … Read More