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!!!Back to School Joy!!!

Ok, so normally, I’m one of those mom’s that doesn’t want summer to end. Not because I love the weather, because I don’t, I prefer the rain. And not because I love to be outside, because I don’t, I feel the same way about that as I do about dieting, namely, I don’t believe in it. I love it because I like having my kids around. I love the freedom to sleep in and then have the whole day to do whatever we feel like doing.

I hate the school routine (except for the bedtimes, I love the early bedtimes). The details of lunches. The mornings of rushing the kids, yelling at them to hurry up. Beating them when they don’t do as I say when I say….

Well, maybe not that last part… I actually like that part. Erm… I mean… I don’t do that. *cough*

No really, I don’t love the fact that every school morning I do feel like beating my children. Every. Single. Morning. So summer, it’s nice. I like my kids more in the summer.


This summer my children pulled out a whole new level of evil that I had yet to see. I’m not going to get into details, because I’m nice like that, not because I’m embarrassed of my children’s behavior, not at all. I’m sure you’re children are much worse than mine are. In fact, I know they are. It’s because I’m a superior parent…

Anywho, yesterday, I tied my monsters into the car, drove their asses across the island and delivered them to their home away from home, to their cage and trainers, to that lovely place we call elementary school. Yup! Yesterday was the first day of school! I dropped them off, and then went and did a happy dance at my car. Then I went right home and ate candy for breakfast. (Did you know it’s not easy to eat candy for breakfast during the summer? If you do it, you have to be very very very sneaky. Kids, like me, have candy radar. A sixth sense for candy. It’s not easy to fool, and if you get caught, you have to share. Do you know what that means for me? No candy for breakfast in the summer..! cuz I won’t share.)



Bring on the sh*tty mornings! Bring on the making of lunches! I’ll do it all with a smile on my face if I only get a few hours a day away from my offspring and candy for breakfast!!!!



Hearts & Bubbles

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  1. Maya

    Hilarious! So nice to hear your voice again!