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knitting a baby cowichan sweater: a love/hate affair

It started out as an exciting idea, these things usually do. Kirstie loves Cowichan sweaters and I’d never knit a sweater before, what did I know? A baby sweater seemed like a perfect first sweater to knit. I found an adorable pattern, bought my yarn and then I let it all sit, for awhile, as I do. These things can’t be rushed, and by “these things” I mean anything.

Well, after it had sat for… well, about I month, I guess, I started.

And it started well:

Photo 2014-10-30, 8 42 40 PM

Photo 2014-10-30, 9 54 00 PM

Photo 2014-11-03, 12 35 34 PM


Of course it started well, the knitting part is easy, I mean, I had yarn everywhere, twisted in knots, in a noose around my neck… but it went well and smoothly. I even decide to trade the whales on the sleeves for hearts and wrote out an alternate pattern.

I finished knitting the pieces the end of October, it took me about 2 weeks, alternating it with other, instant gratification projects, then I let it sit, as I do, these things cant be rushed.The Baby shower I was making it for was the last day of November, I had plenty of time. November 20th I remembered that sweaters require blocking. I’ve spent the last 15 years of knitting avoiding blocking. Not because it’s hard, but because I’m lazy. This might be part of the reason I don’t knit sweaters. Anyways, I blocked.

November 25 I started sewing.

You know, I’d tricked myself into thinking I’d be cool with the sewing part, it was a tiny baby sweater, after all, it was barely any sewing at all. And it can’t be any worse that blocking. That was just about as boring as boring gets.

Photo 2014-11-25, 9 04 09 PM

One and a half shoulders sewn and I found my self muttering, “You’re gonna keep that baby warm, or I’m gonna come and cut you apart, mother f*cker” and repeating, “asshole” almost more than I was breathing. I did, however, get it together without ripping it apart.

Then I let it sit, as I do.

November 28th, I began the collar and button rows. After finishing the sweater the morning of the 29th (the shower was the 30th) I refused to sew on the buttons. It wasn’t happening, so I took it to Mandy, my handsewing person and made her do it. It’s a good thing I have a Mandy, otherwise there would have been no Cowichan Sweater in the awesome gift basket we were putting together for our Baby Blueberry, there would have only have been an angry woman seething at the back of the party.

In the end, it turned out ok, I’m almost at the point where the pictures of the sweater don’t make me frustrated inside and it looks pretty good. I’m never, however, making another one as long as I live. Sorry, Poppy. These things cant be rushed.

Photo 2014-11-29, 11 52 32 AM

Photo 2014-11-29, 11 51 51 AM

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  1. Janice

    Its beautiful and anyone else would be thrilled to have their first sweater turn out so good.