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And Let Halloween Be Over … I Mean… Begin.

Are you excited for Halloween?

I’m not. As usual, I got excited for a holiday too early and by the time the actual day has rolled around, I’m over it.

Yeah, I’m over it.

But me being me, I’ll suck it up and do what has to be done. Like tonight, there is a dance that Kim and I are going to. We’ve being planning our costumes for it for, I don’t know, months? I don’t feel like going, and I have a feeling Kim doesn’t either. We’ve been thinking about it for too long, now that the day has rolled around, we’d both just rather stay in our comfy clothes, watch Halloween TV and gorge on junk food (Kay, so now I’m talking for Kim, and deciding the way she should feel. Actually, I don’t think this is unusual. Nevermind.) We’ll go though, you know why? Because we’re troopers. We said we’d go, so we’ll go. The End.

So what are you doing this Halloween Weekend? Anything fun planned?



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Ummm Lissy….asĀ  I’m reading your post, and….I want to go, I enjoy dressing up and dancing to a great band (Lissy: Ummm… no Kim, you don’t feel like going, do you know why? Because I said so. You are also going to have an extra awesome time tonight… because I said so.) Yes, I love my comfy clothes but like you I am in them more often then I should be…..we’ll have a great night and you know it!!
Hurry up and get over here I’m ready to drink and put our make up on….but nope…mom duties first, make dinner for the kids and make sure everyone is happy before I go….maybe just one drink while I do that!

xo kim

Have a great Halloween weekend everyone!