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An Introduction to Lissy and Kim, by Alli

Alright, so I decided, for my first post, I would let you all know a little about my friends, Kim an Lissy. Like how we know each other and just tell you a little about them, you know, since they asked me some revealing questions about my snot and such. Which, by the way, I would like to clear up that I do not roll and flick at any house but my own so don’t stop having me over :)Then I decided that would be boring…So I started Googling “funny” Lissy and “funny” Kim, as, you already know, I like to do.

Still boring……thanks for nuthin’ Google.

So I searched out the good ‘ol Urban Dictionary to help describe them. I typed in “Lissy” and was quite unsatisfied pretty much told me she was a pussy ass lesbian… weird right?

So I typed in Melissa….

“Melissa is the coolest kid that has EVER graced the Earth. Most Melissa’s are ridiculously attractive and have many a boys wishing to bang them, crazy cowboy style. Melissa’s are also very generous and caring, often times taking care of their overly wasted friends, who while are entertaining, are prone to running away and getting searched by police. Melissa’s are also intensely smart and their brain power is like super heroic. ”

Now we are getting closer….

Here is my interpretation of that statement:

She is pretty cool and definitely thinks she is the coolest kid that graced this earth, although she prefers to be called “Awesome”. She is ridiculously attractive, so of course the boy thing is true. I don’t know about cowboy style but she did once date a sort of cowboy and has a love for cowboy boots. I’m not sure about taking care of her overly wasted friends part, I do recall at her wedding she just laughed at me as I wrote an unreadable novel in her guest book, confessing my everlasting friendship love for her… that should have been stopped! I think here it is saying her friends were prone to running away, nope the run away was our sweet little Melissa!
As for being intensely smart and having super heroic brain power! That is the truth, as we all know!




“She’s the girl you always go back to. She’s totally her own person, and sometimes people use that against her, but Kim has that fire that just intimidates. She’s got those eyes that can seduce you in one glance, or break your heart with a single glare. She’s a brunette with an ass that you wanna grab onto for days. She’s always bringing fun wherever she goes, yet you’ll never find a girl more laid back. She’s sexy without even trying, and her personality is just as beautiful. If you manage to find her, she’s a keeper.”
Oh my Kim:She is definitely her own person, strong and confident.  I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. I wouldn’t want her fire to intimidate me. Now, they talk about her eyes seducing, but I’m pretty sure it’s her teeth. She has really nice teeth that stare at you, especially when you have had a few too many. I could hold onto her ass for dayz, all though it might get boring after too long and who would watch my kids?  Kim is fun and laid back and definitely sexy without even trying… I agree Kim is a keeper….
Sorry Lissy, Kim’s was nicer, but she didn’t lock me out of the school bus, strangle me with a leopard print scarf for breaking purple chalk or always make me play the boy in the game of House!
Love you guys!♥Alli
p.s  follow the link and see how “they” define Quadra Island

4 Responses

  1. Kim

    Alli, I love you so much…..you make me laugh so hard and feel so special all at the same time!!

  2. Lissy

    You’re sweet and salty all at once, Alli.

    I like that.

    Love you

  3. Dragonfly Freedom

    I love all three of you.. you were the closest friends I have had in a long time.. I think you all are Super amazing Powerful woman.
    I hope to one day connect with you all again soon..

    Angie xo

  4. Kristi

    OMG!!! The definition for Quadra is awesome!!! LOL!!!