Lissy and Mandy have been having a rather nice time together since 1994, when they decided that they should be less acquaintances, and more leaning bffs. They have been leaning, literally, on each other ever since.

In 2011 Mandy and Lissy had their first love child, Polluted Pixie, and have been doing their best to bring it up right ever since. Born with the quirk and sass of both parents, Polluted Pixie is a willful place, full of attitude and cuteness.

“Parenting a store can be difficult,” Lissy told us. “Polluted Pixie rarely does the things I expect it to and it seems to enjoy confusing and surprising us. It get’s that from Mandy, I think. It gets it’s exceptional looks from me.”

Polluted Pixie, as all children do, has had many different phases and changes. From its start as a blog, it’s adolescence as brick and mortar store and it’s adulthood as a studio it has kept it’s parents on their toes. Now, as an online craft pattern store, it has mostly cut “the apron strings”.


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