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A Crafty Sample…

So, I’ve got this friend. She’s very demanding.

I grew up with her. And even though we sorta fell outta touch for the last… like… 16 years or so, and she lives…like… 18 hrs away, she feels she can demand things from me. Like entertaining blog posts.

I know, right? *eye roll* Demanding.

In her words, she’s “expecting big things from (my) blog this fall!”. Also, she’s insisting on seeing my talent on here too.

I mean really, all you have to do is look in the general direction of Me to see my talent. It wafts off of me in giant glorious waves. If you are close enough, you can physically feel it upon your skin. Feel free to bask.

I suppose though, she can’t really bask near me, since she’s in a different province… so I’m giving in.

Fine, M. Fine. I said I would amp it up in the Fall, and I’m usually good at sticking to my word. So for you, a taste of what I’ve been creating of late…

3 pocket card wallets. Made from salvaged/scrap leather.The smaller ones fit ipod nano’s and the large one fits an iphone or ipod touch, as well as cash and cards.
These are still in the experimental stage, hopefully they will be in our Etsy store when we open this fall.

3 Responses

  1. The Youngest Senior -

    Demanding friends are the greatest. They can be very motivating. I’m loving the wallets. Very twitter-esque.

  2. Leslie R.

    Cute pouches!

  3. Maya

    Who are you calling demanding? I do love your latest creations!! Super cute! Especially the leaf one! Keep up the good work!